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Killer Pizza by Greg Taylor

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Killer Pizza: Vampire Stakes

When Toby Magill, now a veteran of Killer Pizza’s underground Monster Hunting Organization, makes the chilling discovery that vampires have invaded the small town of Raven's Run, he and his fellow Monster Combat Officers, Annabel and Strobe, have no time to lose. They must defeat the undead creatures before their numbers spread. But in this action packed third Killer Pizza adventure, the KP teens find themselves up against a supernatural enemy far more dangerous than any they have faced so far.

The challenges - including a midnight battle in an unearthly cemetery, a creepy, abandoned, some say haunted, mansion and a beautiful but very lethal young vampire - are many. Can the MCOs prevail? Or will their perilous mission prove to be their last? Anything is possible in the deadly monster universe of Killer Pizza!

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To whet your (hopefully human) appetite,
I have posted a short sneak preview below.

What follows gets things off to an appropriately hair-raising start.

So read on, KP fans... if you dare!

Killer Pizza Vampire Stakes Sneak Preview
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