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Killer Pizza by Greg Taylor
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ISBN: 978-0312373795

Pizza you’ll die for!

Toby Magill dreams of becoming a world-famous chef, but up until now, his only experience has been watching the Food Network. When Toby lands a summer job at Killer Pizza, where pies like The Monstrosity and The Frankensausage are on the menu, things seem perfect. His coworkers, Annabel and Strobe, are cool, and Toby loves being part of a team. But none of them are prepared for what’s really going on at Killer Pizza: It’s a front for a monster-hunting organization!

Learning to cook pizzas is one thing, but killing hideously terrifying monsters? That’s a whole other story. Still, if Toby quits Killer Pizza, will monsters take over his town?

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      • Pennsylvania Young Reader’s Choice Awards Program Master List
      • Vermont Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award Master List
        (2nd in the statewide student vote)
      • Florida Sunshine State Young Readers Award
      • Texas Lone Star Reading List
      • Nebraska Golden Sower Award
      • The Society of School Librarians International Award
      • Maine Student Book Award (4th in the student vote)
      • New Hampshire Isinglass Teen Read Award
      • California Readers Middle School Collection
      • ABA Summer Children’s Indie Next List
Reviews of Killer Pizza

"[Killer Pizza] is one of those great stories about an ordinary kid like you and me who suddenly finds himself transformed into an action hero. There are bullies, monsters, secret crushers, overprotective parents, high-tech weapons and, oh yeah, plenty of pizza!"

"It's not Men in Black, it's "Kids in Black Backpacks." These Monster Combat Officers are ready for action[!]"
- IMCPL Kids

“[Killer Pizza] surprised me with its moments of tenderness and heart. I loved the development of the characters as their career changed into monster killers. They grew as individuals, and as a team. A fun, quick read that is an especially great choice for reluctant male readers.”

"... a romp of youthful horror exuberance, Killer Pizza introduces Greg Taylor as a new voice in YA creepshows."
- The Strand Bookstore New York City "18 Miles of Books"

Behind the Scenes of the Killer Pizza Video.

The idea to make a music video for Killer Pizza was born during a conversation with Jamie Rounds, a musician friend of mine. I wasn't as interested in telling potential readers what the book was about as I was in conveying the fun-scary-kids-vs-monsters-with-a-side-order-of-pizza mashup tone of the book.

I hope you enjoy it. You might also want to check out the behind-the-scenes photos that were taken during the making of the video. They capture some of the fun spirit the young cast brought to the set. That spirit is one of the reasons I wanted to make the video. Heck, it's one of the reasons I wanted to write Killer Pizza. I was able to plug into it every time I "hung out" with my Killer Pizza characters.

So for all of you teens and young readers out there, I have one thing to say. (Yeah, It might be a bit of a cliche, but it's heartfelt.) Just like the guitar solo in the Killer Pizza video...

You rock.

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