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I was born in Pittsburgh, PA.  Growing up in Pleasant Hills, a suburb south of the city, I remember telling my father that I wanted to work in the movie business or be a musician when I got older.  As it turned out, I did both of those things, with varying degrees of success.

After graduating from Penn State, where I met my wife, Joanne, I was a professional musician for about five years, playing drums in bands with names like Jacksmith, Silent Way and MorningSong.  It was difficult making a living as a musician, however, and this prompted my move out to Los Angeles to try my luck as a screenwriter.

That move, from idyllic State College, PA to gigantic, sprawling Los Angeles, was one of the scariest things I ever did.  Fortunately, I had Joanne as lovely company. 

After working as a set costumer on such shows as "Starsky and Hutch" and "The Love Boat," I began my screenwriting career.  "Jumanji" is my best known credit, but "Prancer" is my favorite of the films I have my name on.

Along the way, Jo and I raised two children, Jessica and Ian.  I love being a family man.  It's not a coincidence that after having children I started to write family films, and now that I'm an author, books for middle grade and YA readers.

It was my desire to try writing a book a few years back that led to my current love affair with them.  I still have my life-long passion for music and the movies, but books - writing them and reading them - have made for a much more exciting and satisfying mix, creatively-speaking.

That's what I tried to capture on the main page of this website.  From the rock and roll intro to the book in my hand to the images on the walls and bookshelves, I wanted to have music, movies and books side by side, mixing it up.  These three intoxicating things - along with my family and friends, of course -
are what make my world go round.